Cross Docking

Reduce storage costs and swiftly move goods from one truck to another, so you can ship faster to your customers.

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Improve turnover rates

Cross-docking helps you turn your products faster with minimal to no storage time. As a result, you can reduce your inventory shelf-time, which in turn can increase your business’s profitability.

Reduced storage & labor costs

Storage-related expenses are reduced as the need to store products for extended periods is minimized, which translates to cost savings for your business. Cross-docking also minimizes material handling, resulting in reduced labor-related expenses.

Minimize product risk

Since products are no longer shuffled in and out of storage areas, material handling is significantly reduced. As a result, product damage, loss of inventory, and potential human errors are avoided.

Higher customer satisfaction

Cross-docking ensures your products are shipped to your customers in an efficient and expedited manner. This means shortened lead-times and on-time delivery.

Increase operational efficiency in highly complex supply chains.

Our cross-docking services can let you ship goods faster
and reduce warehousing costs. As a result you will be able
to deliver your products directly to your destination with little
to no storage time.

Moreover, this service reduces the chances of product damage and loss of inventory, as it involves minimal
handling of goods.

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Sahil goyalSahil goyal
14:54 29 Aug 22
30 plts loaded jn 30min.. good job
02:24 23 Feb 22
convenient location, communication between the office and the client is very well organized, they work very quickly, flexible work schedule, reasonable price
Alec LambertAlec Lambert
18:02 21 Oct 21
Great service and communication.One single point of contact for all services.Stockton Warehouse (FDR log) is a great asset.
Luda TsLuda Ts
20:42 01 Jun 21
Very easy to work with . Great service . Was able to get us right in and help with what we needed to get done ! Thanks you!!! Will recommend 100%.
Harman SamraHarman Samra
02:55 25 Dec 20
Very good Service and nice staffI have over weight on drive axle and they re-set my load in short timeThanks guys

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Contact Us Today For A Free Quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cross-docking is the transfer of goods between vehicles en route during shipping, which means it’s done without wasting time and risking the safety of the goods. It is accomplished by transferring goods between two freight carriers.  It can be easily done during a stopover at a warehouse.

We receive goods at the distribution docking terminal, sort them as per various categories and then classify them as per the destination. The classified goods are collected and moved to the respective dock from where they are loaded on to the outbound vehicles. Our efficient processing solutions ensure products are not lying on the terminal for extended periods of time.


Cross-docking ensures that various shipments from different suppliers are segregated, sorted and loaded into appropriate freightliners. It helps streamline the transportation process, save on warehousing costs, and increase the speed of delivery.

  • Faster Delivery:  Reduce the amount of supply chain touch points and decrease shipping times.
  • Cost-Effective:Streamline the transportation process and save on warehousing costs.
  • Increased Efficiency: By serving as a centralized location for product dispatching and receiving, we help truckers increase efficiency for faster inbound and outbound delivery.
  • Transloading Made Easy:  Move your product quickly from containers to trailers.

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